God apart from religious description

2 April 2017

Yvonne – Jesus opened up the door for us to come up to heaven/the holy of holies. The doors are thrown wide open. Jesus’ fire burns the shame that holds us back away.

Mark: “You have found the door handle, God’s grace.”

D.J. Relationship to the Christ substance

Anna – We are in His presenceĀ all the days of our lives.

David B. – Train tracks vision.

Jeff – Come to a place of true recognition of our identity

Pray for Casey’s son, Hunter: high functioning autism

D.J. – Fear=unbelief. Belief vs. unbelief is a positioning which determines our actions

Jeff talks about leaps in DNA technology and the church being scared because of the “image” of God we have religiously created.

Mark: Will we be afraid when we encounter God apart from religious description? NO!