2 April 2017

Yvonne – Jesus opened up the door for us to come up to heaven/the holy of holies. The doors are thrown wide open. Jesus’ fire burns the shame that holds us back away.

Mark: “You have found the door handle, God’s grace.”

D.J. Relationship to the Christ substance

Anna – We are in His presence all the days of our lives.

David B. – Train tracks vision.

Jeff – Come to a place of true recognition of our identity

Pray for Casey’s son, Hunter: high functioning autism

D.J. – Fear=unbelief. Belief vs. unbelief is a positioning which determines our actions

Jeff talks about leaps in DNA technology and the church being scared because of the “image” of God we have religiously created.

Mark: Will we be afraid when we encounter God apart from religious description? NO!


26 March 2017

Jeff, Hebrews 9:11ff, promise, inheritance

How to know who we are:

  1. Listen to the Lord
  2. Speak what we see over each other

Lesa are we willing to go up the Mountain of God where it is scary. There are no systems or structures of religion or understanding up there to comfort you. No temple, no tablets, no priest, no doctrines to understand. We are going into the unknown, past the horizon of our comfort zone. We are now explorers of the unknown.

5 March 2017

Jeff: Who can you accept the perfect sacrifice unless you have a grid for needing a sacrifice to atone for your sins?

We are all called in this greater Melchizedek Priesthood. The Gatekeepers were of the order of Levi, which is a shadow of something higher. As members of that higher priesthood, it is legitimate for us to be gatekeepers.

Anna: servants vs. sons

Lesa: the battle is in/for our minds/thoughts. 2 Corinthians 10:3-5

Brenda shares a testimony. “God doesn’t do anything little bitty.”


For some unknown reason, the recording of this message stopped in the middle. There was more discussion of being a Gatekeeper, and other beautiful words released. To sum up what is missing:

  1. In regards to John 11:25-26, DJ proposed that “maybe believing “in” Jesus is more about position. I.e. being in Him and believing from that position.”
  2. We are Gatekeepers of our domain. What we let into or keep out of our hearts, is let into the boundaries of our domain. Ask the Lord to help you map out your territory.
  3.  Yvonne beautifully spoke about the truth of Christ being far greater than a mere group of people we join. Christianity was never meant to be one religion among many, but the revelation of who God is and how he is hugging the world to himself, and the Way to our Father.