As I was sitting in the office today (13 April 2017) The Lord reminded me of this word that Yvonne dropped in October 2015. I looked at the archive and found the recording immediately (first guess), and realized that it is exactly 18 months (of Sundays) old.

Somehow I feel it is significant for us to hear it again, maybe just to see what we’ve been through in the last 18 months.


2 April 2017

Yvonne – Jesus opened up the door for us to come up to heaven/the holy of holies. The doors are thrown wide open. Jesus’ fire burns the shame that holds us back away.

Mark: “You have found the door handle, God’s grace.”

D.J. Relationship to the Christ substance

Anna РWe are in His presence all the days of our lives.

David B. – Train tracks vision.

Jeff – Come to a place of true recognition of our identity

Pray for Casey’s son, Hunter: high functioning autism

D.J. – Fear=unbelief. Belief vs. unbelief is a positioning which determines our actions

Jeff talks about leaps in DNA technology and the church being scared because of the “image” of God we have religiously created.

Mark: Will we be afraid when we encounter God apart from religious description? NO!


26 March 2017

Jeff, Hebrews 9:11ff, promise, inheritance

How to know who we are:

  1. Listen to the Lord
  2. Speak what we see over each other

Lesa are we willing to go up the Mountain of God where it is scary. There are no systems or structures of religion or understanding up there to comfort you. No temple, no tablets, no priest, no doctrines to understand. We are going into the unknown, past the horizon of our comfort zone. We are now explorers of the unknown.