About Us

About Us

We believe Jesus is the Vine and we are the branches. Our life, both now and for eternity, comes through Him. Information about our fellowship can be found through the links at the top, and the sections below. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Circle Church

The Lord has been changing things in our hearts (individually) and in our midst (corporately), and the circular configuration of the chairs is a physical manifestation of that change. 1 Corinthians 14 says, “When you come together, everyone has a psalm

or a teaching, a revelation, a tongue, or an inter- pretation. All of these must be done to build up the church.” Notice that it says “everyone has.” That means if you are in Christ and in the assembly, you have (whether you know it or not) something from the Lord that the rest of us need. “All of these must be done to build up [assemble] the church.” We must all be asking Jesus what our part to bring is. This is not about performance or doing for the sake of doing, but about taking our place in the assembly of the Lord as He guides us. But we must listen. Jesus is alive, seated in Heaven with power and authority, but He needs a body on the Earth. Lord, assemble your body, for your glory.

About Us

VineLife believes that the Bible is the surest source of instruction about Jesus and His Gospel. We also rely on the Holy Spirit to help us learn the truth and to empower us to please our Father in Heaven. We believe the fundamentals of Christianity outlined in the historic Nicene and Apostles Creed. Rather than listing doctrinal statements we endorse here, we simply must state that we are evangelical, ecumenical, non-denominational, hopefully orthodox and definitely relying on the Holy Spirit to teach us what God meant when thousands of years ago he chose fisherman, tax collectors and religious zealots to preserve in writing the mysteries of how to live as sinful but saved and extremely grateful followers of Jesus Christ.

-Jeff Callicott, November 2015-

"If anything we get involved with or do detracts in any way, shape, or form from our pursuit of Christ, it is as dung; because the stuff can never surpass the substance [of Christ]."


Our Vision

Our vision is to know and follow the Lord's vision for His Church. Jesus Christ is building His Kingdom with living stones. Whether we are broken, chisled or lifted up and fixed firmly in the community of believers, we will allow Him to use us for His glory, according to His perfect "vision" for His Church.

Our Expression of Faith

We study His Word, the Bible, and apply it to our lives individually and as a fellowship. We expect and act on His guidance through the Holy Spirit. We worship the Lord together weekly and individually at all times. We share freely what He has given us with everyone we are able to reach.

Our Services

Our regularly scheduled services are as follows:

  • Sunday Morning Worship begins at 10:15am @ VineLife Christian Fellowship
  • Ladies Prayer Meeting 10:00am Tuesdays, call for location
  • Other meetings, outreach activities and fellowship opportunities arise often, please check back for special events.

Sunday Services

Our services begin with prayer, praise and worship. After worship, we typically hear a message based on Biblical teaching. In some services, we pray more or sing more than in others. In some services, we teach and learn more or share more testimonies. It all depends on how the Lord is leading. We cultivate an atmosphere of surrender to God and pray that He leads every service. Every service typically ends with a time for the Body of Christ to share their own thoughts, prayer requests, praise reports and anything they feel is important. We close each service with prayer and a blessing on all.  

We want our children to worship with us and be free to dance and jump and sing at the top of their lungs. They probably worship more freely than most adults and we never want to lose sight of what freedom in worship looks like. After the music, however, we let the kids go to children's church while teens stay with us for the message. You can read more about our children's church by following the link in our main menu above.